The Dragon Foundation was set up in Hong Kong by the Home Affairs Bureau, Home Affairs Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups in 2000; it is managed by a Board of Directors. The Dragon Foundation was established as a non-profit, charitable organisation with a long-term commitment to nurturing young people of Chinese origin worldwide as leaders of tomorrow. Young Chinese leaders from around the world are provided with opportunities to meet, explore topical global issues and exchange ideas, thereby building a network among themselves.


The legacy of the Dragon has a long tradition and history in Chinese culture. Those of Chinese origin, no matter how widely scattered across the globe, may all be considered to be inheritors of that Spirit of the Dragon. Based on that spirit, as Descendants of the Dragon, is the Dragon Foundation so named.


The Foundation will facilitate networks among Chinese youth worldwide, while encouraging their creativity and participation in community building. The Dragon Foundation will promote Chinese culture and heritage in a commitment towards a more harmonious world.


1. To develop leadership skills;
2. To establish an exchange network among Chinese youth;
3. To facilitate the development of innovative potential;
4. To provide opportunities and ways to serve the community;
5. To honour outstanding Chinese youth in different professions.