Hangzhou Innovation Technology Study Tour is open for application!


Hangzhou Innovation Technology Study Tour

Important Dates:
Training Workshop I: 5 December 2019 (Thursday) 18:00-20:30
Training Workshop II: 19 December 2019 (Thursday) 18:00-20:30
The Tour: 27 - 30 December 2019
Sharing Session(s): To be confirmed

Venue: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Target: Hong Kong youths aged 15-35 (Holders of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card)

Fee: HK$1,700+ Deposit HK$300 (Original fee: HK$4,000)

1. Fee includes air tickets to and from Hangzhou, accommodation, local transportation, meal, tickets to visiting sites, programme fee and travel insurance.
2. Participants have to attend at least three training workshops or sharing session(s) before and after the tour to get back the deposit.
Brief Itinierary
*The itinerary is subject to changes because of final arrangement, weather, etc.

West lake Tobias Wahlqvist from Pixabay

Visit to West Lake to learn about the History of Hangzhou

West Lake, located at the west of the city of Hangzhou, is one of the ten greatest scenic spots in China. West Lake's cultural landscape makes it a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Visit to Hangzhou Intelligent e-Valley

Hangzhou Intelligent e-Valley is a high-tech industrial development zone with the potential to be a new district fusing smart industry with smart city.

Visit to H3C Innovation Experience Center

H3C Innovation Experience Center is a smart business construction to build a smart city, as well as an important carrier to promote the smart city construction process externally. The whole center is technology-based, with its facilities controlled and managed by PAD.

Visit to Inno Ave

Inno Ave was co-founded by Hangzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Innocosmos Ventures and Focused Photonics. It aims to provide comprehensive services to entrepreneurs in Hangzhou, so as to establish the best entrepreneur hub in East China.

Visit to Hangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Hangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall has a gross floor area of 12000 square meters and four floors of exhibition areas. It mainly introduces the history of the Hangzhou city, the achievement of the current city construction, and the future planning blueprint.

Visit to Loft 166

Next to The Grand Canal, Loft 166 was the textile and printing conglomerate with the greatest scale in the industry, most advanced technology, and the strongest support in the country. As the factory relocates, the original site has turned into a creative park.

Visit to Dream Village and Exchange with Entrepreneurs

Dream Village is located at Zhejiang Hangzhou Sci-Tech City (Haichuang Park), Yuhang District. It is one of the distinguishing towns in Zhejiang Province. As the internet innovation and entrepreneurship hub at the national level, over 710 innovation and entrepreneurship activities have already been held inside the hub and near 128,000 people have participated in the activities.

Important Remarks

1. The organising body will contact participants via email before 12 November 2019 (Tuesday). Participants must submit the fee and a copy of their Home Return Permit before 12 noon, 15 November 2019 (Friday) to confirm their acceptance to the offer.

2. Since this programme is sponsored by "Funding Scheme for Youth Exchange in the Mainland 2019-20" of Youth Development Commission, fees paid are non-refundable under any circumstances. In case of absence to the Study Tour from 27 to 30 December 2019, participants have to pay an additional HK$2000 as the unsponsored fee.

3. Once enrolled, transfer of admission is not allowed. Refunds are not available to participants who withdraw the programme. The organising body reserves the right to accept or not to accept the final decision of the participants.

Deadline of application: 8 November 2019